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Stainless Steel

Steel Window Restoration

We restore and upgrade steel windows

With our experience in Crittall windows found on Chapman Taylor and other heritage buildings in New Zealand, we can guide you through options for repair or replacement. Some of these houses are now approaching 90 years old, so in many cases, the windows are overdue for refurbishment. Projects of this kind are a big undertaking, but with good planning and a careful approach, excellent results can be achieved.

Steel window restoration process
Steel window restoration process 2
Steel window restoration

The process begins with an initial inspection of your windows. Where rust is present and budget permits, we recommend the full removal of the windows from the building, with steelwork repair carried out offsite. The restored frames are then arc sprayed, primed and painted using the Resene Uracryl system, ready for replacement.

We also install a thermal break around the outer edge of the steel windows to reduce condensation, before re-fitting. Once glazed, the windows are painted in the Resene Uracryl system and solid plastered to restore the wall profile. Where a hand-plastered drip nosing exists, we ensure that this is rebuilt and “throated” to ensure optimum rain protection for the window exterior.

Steel window restoration 2
Steel window restoration 3
Steel window restoration 4

After detailing we generally leave the process and ask you to arrange the interior and exterior painting to finish. This can save on overall project costs.​ On completion, the result is fantastic looking joinery, with better durability than new, and a dryer, warmer, and quieter living environment.

Steel window restoration process 4
Steel window restoration process 3
Steel window restoration process 5
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