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Stainless Steel

About Us

MH Metalsmiths designs build and install wrought iron solutions for you! Tailored to your design and taste in fully authentic ironwork or fabricated steel, we can make:

Railings, Gates Signage, Lighting Solutions, Clothing racks and furniture, Garden and outdoor features, Bespoke door furniture, architectural hardware, Civic work, Ironwork restoration

and much more!

Whatever your desired outcome, Artist blacksmith Marcus Hamilton will create something unique.
We develop your project with you from initial ideas and sketches – your own design or something from our catalog. For a special commission, we will create detailed, hand-made drawings, or work in consultation with your architect.

As blacksmiths, we will make the special tools required for a true one-off bespoke piece, with these we make a sample section of the job for your inspection. Where budget permits we will use entirely authentic methods of construction, for a timeless, elegant look that will reward you for years to come.
For a cost-saving, a combination of authentic methods and modern fabrication can be specified.

Benefits of authentic methods of construction:​

  • Adds maximum value to your property

  • Makes a great first impression

  • Hand crafted authentic ironwork ennobles places and spaces and enhances the visitor experience

  • Is the most sensitive approach for adding ironwork to heritage buildings

Benefits of fabricated methods of


  • Cost-saving

  • Faster turnaround of the project

We are a young but dedicated company that strives to meet the standards developed over many centuries in the blacksmithing trade whilst being innovative with modern techniques and design. We value maintaining our ironwork heritage and adding quality pieces to be enjoyed by you and generations to come.

For a free consultation phone Marcus +64 4 4605233
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